Øvingshotellet is a hotel, not for sleeping but for rehearsing

Øvingshotellet has a total of 49 rehearsal spaces, located in Schous Kulturbryggeri, a former brewery in the centre of Oslo

Today Schous Kulturbryggeri is a whole block dedicated to music and culture

At Øvingshotellet you book rooms on an hourly basis

The 49 rehearsal spaces are spread over 2000m², and vary in size. This means we can facilitate soloists as well as full big bands

All genres are welcome at Øvingshotellet

We offer fully equipped rooms, suitable for both amateurs and professionals

17 soloist rooms
6-8 m² – Perfect rehearsal spaces for one or to musicians
Equipped with various instruments such as acoustic piano, electric piano, small PA, guitar amp etc

22 band rooms
14 to 18 m² – For groups up to 5 persons
Equipped with sound system and backline; guitar amps, bass amp and drums

9 ensemble rooms
23 to 57 m² – Ideal for groups of up to 21, suitable for larger bands and ensembles
Equipped with sound system and backline; guitar amps, bass amp, acoustic piano, electric piano and drums

1 preproduction room
82 m² – High quality preproduction room

Go here for a detailed overview of all roomtypes (norwegian only)

Øvingshotellet is run by the Agency for Cultural Affairs within the Municipality of Oslo